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Fractal is a relatively simple branch iterating fractal generation program. At each node, a number of branches are generated which continue to recursively generate each fractal.
A number of premade fractals are available for viewing using the dropdown box at the top.

Fractal - Open Fractal in a new window
Fractal (Mac version) - Mac version doesn't support gif export due to old jvm.


Use the input boxes to change the fractal variables.
Click and drag in the fractal area to move fractal around.
Press return while in a box to redraw fractal
This program starts by drawing a number of inital
branches out of the center node. From each of these,
more branches are made using the settings and the
ending point of the previous branch. This continues for
each iteration. To save, enter a name for the fractal and click save

Iterations: How many times the fractal branches.
Angle: Degrees between each branch
Length: The fraction of the previous length that
a segment has or how fast it shrinks.
Initial length: The length of the first segment.
Initial branches: The number of stems out of the
central node.
Branches: Number of branches off of each subsequent node.
Offset: Degree offset of each branch.
Rotation: Rotation in degrees of fractal. Include "d" at the
end for continuous rotation.
Delay: Animation speed.
Display: Changes appearance (see below)
The name box and the save button let you save a cool
fractal with a name for others to see.
The default fractal's values are in the save named "default"


To make a fractal animate a variable, you
must supply it with a range and a step.
Each field can be animated using this syntax in the parameter box: min~max;step.
For example, to animate a growing fractal by animating the iterations,
use 1~10;1 making the fractal loop from iteration 1 to iteration 10
and the speed of one iteration per loop.


"dot"-Places a dot on the end of the last branch
"branch"- Places a dot on each node (except the middle node)
"dynamic"- Colors fractal based on iteration.
"norm"- Adding norm to "dot" or "branch" draws the lines as well
as the dots. (only useful with dot size greater than 1)
To change the dot size, put the desired size in angle braces. [] or {}
To draw dots of size 4 you might have "branch[4]" in the display parameter.
Using angle braces[] makes the points square, using curly braces{} makes them circular.
Fractal Color
The format for color is: (red,green,blue). These
values may be between 0 and 255.

New: Create animated gifs out of your fractals using the "Make Gif" button! (beta!)

Fractal - Open Fractal in a new window

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