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Have some data that needs crunching, but not the tool to crunch it? Perhaps there's some information that you need scraped off of a website into a more useful format? Need help combining some tools to make your bioinformatics workflow more streamlined?

I may be able to help.

With experience both programming and working with researchers, I have a unique and valuable skill set for quickly and efficiently building small tools, scripts, and applications for collecting and manipulating data or performing small tasks.

Example tasks that you may need automated:

  • Extracting data from web-pages in a systematic way
  • Reformatting, manipulating, or filtering data stored in tabular format (such as a CSV, TSV, or excel spreadsheet)
  • Analyzing or processing data generated by another tool
  • Generating a graphical representation of data in a way that may be beyond your charting software
  • Pattern matching in protein or nucleotide sequences
  • Combining multiple tools together into a single script

Whatever your computer-related problem may be, I am happy to work with you to engineer a creative solution.


My rates and structure are highly flexible and may depend on your project, but as a general rule plan on the following..

  • Free 20 to 30 minute consultation where you describe the problem and the goal solution and I provide a rough estimate
  • $100 flat rate for up to 2 hours worth of work which may include some further discussion and clarification
  • $75 for each additional hour past the original 2 in which further improvements, modifications, or even derivative scripts/tools are developed.

Getting Started

To help ensure that I am able to provide an accurate estimate and the script or tool that you need, please come prepared to the consultation with the following things:

  • Any background information that is relevant to the problem that you are trying to solve
  • A precise and accurate, but general description of the problem
  • A well-defined set of inputs and outputs including examples when possible
  • Step by step directions for the process you would like to automate
  • A reasonable understanding of the inconsistencies in the data and how to handle them when they come up

Email me with whatever material you have, I'll look over it and we can set up a phone call to discuss what I might be able to do for you.

You can reach me at:

Follow my latest project on Twitter: @Reflowster or visit us online at